Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wedding bells

Looking for a Taxi to America ??

This IS Google

Photo shoot over they return

Off to the garden center

A big big day in the UK everywhere was buzzing about the Royal Wedding.
I had no interest in it at all I live in a republic and tip my hat to no Queen or Kyser.
Anyhow it was my birthday !!!!

We had The Rolling Stones and Ed Sheeran giving concerts here in Dublin, the Stones did not sell out and Ed Sheerans concert was herd in a public park with complaints about bad sound and not being able to even see the stage.
There were tickets available for the Stones and for a brief moment I asked my son if he wanted to go.  The answer was no which saved me around €300. Hotels and guest houses were charging €300 to €400for B&B for one night.
If it was me I would park my car somewhere and walk back to it. sleep for a couple of hours and drive home.  Daylight Robbery is the only word for that kind of carry on.

I had a really clever guy in the taxi 60 next year and he sold his company.
They want him to stay on for a year to "bed in" the company for them.
But now he is not the boss and they do not understand how he made the company the success it became. They give orders, they don't talk to the staff. My best designer has handed in his notice.
He talked to him and said he would be getting €2000 a month more but would not stay with the company even if he got €5000 more.
This guy is a problem solver with buckets of experience. The new guys will get a young graduate for little or no payment, its all going to turn out badly.
"It is as bad as that"
He told me that he would buy breakfast for all the workers every Friday morning. It cost him €4.20 per person.
The rules were
No mobile phones, laptops or tablets at the table and you had to be at the table by 8.30 am.
This got the staff meeting each other and small problems got sorted out., in a social setting.
It was terrific value to me.
The new company cancelled the breakfast.They only arrive in at 9.30 on Fridays

Morale is very low.

He said that around half of the staff are moving on, and the owners of my company want me to stay on for another year.
But its time for me to go for sure.
I drove him to the trade show.
The new people will be introduced to a lot of his clients today, they will not really care who they are or the significance of them, they will be more interested in their own Rolex watches and their shiny suits..

So he went to the meeting, he was a very clever guy I hope he enjoys his retirement.
He was born in Finglas a real working class area and knew the value loyalty and skill, I find that people who work their way up they appreciate these things more.

There was a story about a guy who once let his company go public. The  "Experts" came in an ruined the business. When the shares fell through the floor he bought them all  back and sacked every one of the experts, then he re-built the company and sold it.

I had a runner the other day up to Darndale. I took a photo from the footage of the dashcam. I put it on social media and got his name in less than 1/2 hour. So back to the cop shop where I was asked 30 questions then I had to provide footage of the entire incident. Which I did.
Watch this space.

Another customer who uses a Moroccan taxi driver told me that the driver picked up a drunk man who assaulted him. He got the mans name and the man had a criminal record. The judge told the man that he had to present €1500 to the court this week to compensate the driver he hit or he would be put in prison that very day.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Darkness into light

A traditional wagon for travelers, great brushwork

Adventure branding where they decorate cars vans and buses

A torch which can act as a cosh.
 The torch shown above can light as a torch or become a flashing strobe light to dazzle your attacker.

On Saturday night they had an anti suicide walk "Darkness into light" to raise money for anti suicide group. It is hitting so many people here in Ireland especially young men between 16 and 25.
On our street we lost a young lad. A fine strong fit kid.
We will never know why?
Perhaps a kind word at the right moment would have helped.
MyTaxi have trained a group of drivers to become Councillors and by God we need them.
Social media is playing a big part in the bullying that goes on and I hope you saw the look on the face of a bully who was sentenced to jail in America for her relentless bullying of her victim who took his own life.

We should have a social personal day.
All internet and phones turned off for a whole day !!!

Today I met people from Switzerland, Brazil, Boston and other parts of America.
Plus plenty of Irish.
There are cruise ships coming in, last week there were 5 ships in at the same time.
If everyone who came off the ship spent €20 (Which is nothing) 5 ships X 3000people X€20=€300,000
But I would say more like €5 million spent.

 One lady I remembered from the past got into the taxi. I met her again. I found her fone once and brought it back to her. She has Italian blood and said that her family came from Sardinia her fatners name name was Maloney.. "No Its Italian, its Meloni. A Melon with an i at the end" I told her that I knew someone whose name was Slaughter.
When someone would look surprised he would say
"Its laughter with an S at the beginning"

On the GPS used by the Hailo system it has been giving wrong locations today.
One guy told once me that would be because there is a large military operation taking place somewhere in the world.
They turn the public access off by a bit to confuse their enemies. The last 2 times it happened it turned out that he was right. What was going on today ?

Just found out that the American embassy is opening in Jerusalem a city once taken from the Palestinians, more than 50 people got shot today. More riots to follow.

There was a drop dead gorgeous girl in the taxi, (Just because they are pretty doesn't mean that you shouldn't talk to them) I thought that she must be Polish, but she was as Dublin as Dublin Coddle.
She told me that she was a clothing shop manager and dressed to model the clothes for the store, plus they used her as a photographic model to advertise the store. She had charm in Spades.
She will go far God bless her.

 Today I had another drugs run, a really nice couple. They paid up front.
Looking back at the footage on the dashcam their lives are as tragic as the saddest movie.

The as I had just done some shopping I got a runner

Its feckers like him that give travelers a bad name

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Wedding bells

The two cranes from the Harland and Wolfe shipyard named Samson and Goliath

The Titanic center

Posters from inside the Titanic hotel

As I start to write this we are getting ready to go to a wedding in Belfast.
The reception is to be held in the Titanic hotel.
I hope it all goes down well.
By the time I finish the posting all the dust will have settled.

All went well, the bride and groom are still together as far as I know.

There is a lot of history of shipbuilding in Belfast and like Newcastle and Glasgow it is all history now. It is very sad to see the void that happens when an industry collapses or moves to another cheaper country. Take Detroit for an example.

A lady waved me down frantic to go to the Kilkenny shop as she was going on a tour of Ireland.
In future I will not join in the panic as had I used my common sense I would have known that she was going to the wrong place. She should have gone to the Dubarry shop on College Green.
Traffic is completely mad in the mornings. When someone is in a mad panic it is natural to join in it yourself.
Two ladys had come all the way from Chile and were going to see the cliffs of Mohar.
They insisted that the bus was going from the tourist office on O'Connell St.
Nothing I could say could convince them otherwise.
I even pointed out that there were no other people waiting, I offered to bring them at no extra charge and If I was wrong they would get the ride for nothing. Could you get a better offer?
Yes I was right, I drove over to double check.

Rape and what happens next?
Someone has to be there to help.
Your mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend.
There is a  sale of paintings to raise funds this week click here for details

Take Heart Pop Up Art Sale 10th May, Bagots Hutton, Ormond Quay, 6pm-8pm 

Once I had a wonderful girl from Brazil going to St.Johns Rd As she got out of the car she hugged me and told me that she was going to be a model and all the alarm bells rang. 

I asked her to ring me and I would find help for her. She never rang.

It just stayed in my mind and I tried to get help. The first place I rang was Store St Garda station.

"The likes of that girl should be deported" was what I was told.

I made around 6 more calls. Then I spoke to the womans rape crisis center, whe directed me to Ruhama a charity which deals with prostitution the lady there directed me to "Operation Quest" located in Store St. under the command of inspector Jim Lorden.

All sorted now? Well no The next day one of the team rang me to tell me that there was no St. Johns Rd in Sandymount.. I kind of blew a fuse then.

Only now is the story of people trafficking hitting the headlines here. 

Click on the link "Stop the traffik" on the right hand side of the page to learn more.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Magic in the air.

An optician selling meat ? Double jobbibg

Look at this baby 5 axles each whee able to steer. Dismantling a crane

Just for a second I heard a sound and looked up to see 2 swallows darting across the sky.
It must mean that Summer is here at last.
The weather has been cold and wet for long enough, lets hope the change is here at last.
Because the weather has been so cold the cherry blossom has really come on.
The Japanese people must be really happy to see this.
I told you once before about a woman from Venezuela who came over her with her husband in October. 
"God it was so cold, with bare trees and we even saw snow for the first time in our lives.
Then spring came and I had never seen flowers on trees before, in our country we don't get seasons, Only Summer all the time." 
She likes her new home now but would like a little less rain, wouldn't we all.. 
Today my first job was a girl from Venezuela going to Beaumont hospital the private section. I think she mentioned €180 for the visit ! 
Ouch.The private guys know how to charge foe sure.
My mother would have poured in olive oil, it worked.

We are in the midst of a health scandal here. 
Smear tests taken to detect cervical cancer were checked in a lab in the USA. 
It later turned out that 200+ were misread.
Then those lady's were not informed, one who is terminally ill sued the state and won something like € 1 1/4 million but we all know that she would rather be healthy than dying.
A doctor in Northern Ireland has had all his cases reviewed after missing cancers.
It is not right that we get the cheapest price, we deserve the best service possible.
Remember the guy who looked at the x rays and mistook an elbow for an ankle ?
I mentioned this to an Indian doctor in my taxi and he nearly blew his top.
"He is a friend of mine.
This did not happen and he is taking a suitcase against the newspaper for publishing this lie"

If you go to Rome you will wait in line to see many things like the Vatican and the Cysteine chapel, 
this is what you do Click Here this gets you past the queues and free entry to some of the paying attractions plus free transport on the buses and Metro. 
A fantastic looking Filipino nurse is off there soon and she had to go for visas to the Italian embassy. 
By the way there are similar passes for Paris,Dublin.Venice Etc 

Some days there is great work, you pop from job to job.
Other days you better go home to cut the grass. There are loads of tourists in town a the first of the big cruise liners sailed into town 1,800 people on board was a figure which was quoted. There are bigger ones for sure. Up to 5,000 passengers. This is far too big. Orders lost in translation, 
Panic stations in case of distress. We all remember what happened in Italy with that big cruise ship, still ships take a while to go down unlike planes.`

So 2 pilots were leaving Glasgow for Canada.
The stewardess alerted the police and the pilots were arrested for being drunk !!! 
All the people on the plane 400+ had to be put up for the night while 2 new pilots were brought over.
Also the return leg of that flight was lost as well.
They failed the breath test, blood was taken and an extra sample was given to each man so that they could have in tested independently. 
Well these 2 party boys were locked up in the cells overnight but the blood was not stored in a fridge. The jailer thought that as they were not stored properly that they would be no good.
So they were tossed in the bin.
So the 2 bright boys argued that they were entitled to have independent tests done on their missing samples. 

Guess what? They got off and they could be at the wheel on your next flight.
Last week a pilot was pulled off a plane in Heathrow.  

What would life be without a little bit of magic. I was practicing this once when my customer asked for a demo. I wouldn't normally do something without doing in at least 500 times without a mistake.
He said he would forgive me if I made an error.
He was blown away.
He had just sold his bookmaking business in Ringsend to Ladbrookes and was going home to Bristol.
(Its amazing what things you remember)
So I told him that there was a magic shop in Bristol and the guy would sell him and demonstrate the trick for around £5
The fare was £15 (Old money)
"NO keep the £20, Would you take Sterling?"
At that point he handed me £60 Sterling
"Keep it. That was fantastic"
And to this day it is the biggest tip I ever got.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Still here //Just

Lidl are raising a million to help children struggling with mental health issues

A Jewish lady who is educating teachers about the Holocaust.

An Irish Lights ship used for servicing buoys around the coast.

This is where Bono grew up before he became God

Sorry for not posting for a while, I got distracted.

Things happen and news travels fast in this digital age.
A 4 car crash on Wellington quay this evening it blocked the citys traffic CHAOS FOLLOWED.
On  of the cars was a police car who was in hot pursuit.
No further news
The video is below.

Yesterday a guy I knew stopped me and said that only for me he was late for work.
A woman had stopped him and asked him for help.
"Help me please there is a body inside in my house and I need your help !"
So as she led him into the kitchen she said "She is lying here on the floor, its my sister, shes dead and I don't know what to do?"
There lying on the floor was an ironing board.
No body to be seen.
She wailed and was hysterical, so he phoned for an ambulance.
When they came they took away the ironing board and herself.
Then they checked the house over and made sure she had her keys and locked up.

The poor woman, a complete breakdown.
Take care of your mental health.

While I am on the subject
The body of a really beautiful14 year old girl was taken from the river Suir a week after she went missing. She had problems and she was being persecuted by bullied through social media.
Her parents had tried to get the police involved and social services with no luck.

This is not an isolated thing, bullies will torment people through text and email night and day.
She had been sexually abused by a person in a position of trust, but that person was never prosecuted in spite of  three other allegations being made against that same person.

There has to be a law that protects people from vicious people like her tormentors.
There has to be a system where the victim is protected.
Elisha Gault RIP

Shit one thing that you thought was important is nothing when you hold it up against other things.

Monday, April 16, 2018

20 years of paece

I have to say that I forgot that this Easter marked the 20th year of the Northern Ireland peace agreement.After decades of war both sides were finally drawn together and 20 years ago the Good Friday was signed.
I was putting up a partition at the time and I put a copy of the Irish times into the wall.
It could be found in 60 years from now.
US president Bill Clinton, George Mitchell, Bertie Ahern and the wonderful Moe Molem banged heads together for months and years.
Getting them around the same table was a master feat.
In negotiations it has to dawn on everyone that no one will get what they want, everyone must concede points. As Britain leaves the EU problems with the border are causing fears to rise.

Please God that peace will last more than another 20 years.

No more bombs going off in busy shopping streets.

And the wonderful Moe

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Micks garage Next day delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

At the Westbury hotel a display of Cherry blossom

Put a lock on your bin to keep the neighbors out

A complete tail light assembly for a Prius (Not mine) Micks garage

When you see this on your app its time to move on

Bare en veldig merkelig ting! 
På min statsteller er min største fanebase i Norge. 
Hei norge

 Just a very strange thing !

On my stat counter my biggest fan base is in Norway.
Hello Norway
I hope translate Google got it.

Followed by USA

Well I am a bit of April fool I went out on Sunday morning, got busy and didn't come until 4 pm.
Getting out of the car my back went, Ouch.
This is what you get with a low seat. A van type seat would be so much better, you sit straighter.
There is an acupuncture clinic in Blackrock near the church, 20 minutes work from Janette and a 3 mile walk and you are right as rain just like Magic.
Still its not too bad and I need some rest.

I am selling land! It will involve driving up and down from Dublin to Cavan for a few weeks.
If you ever saw the film or the play "The field" by John B Keane you might realize that it could be stressful.
But I hope not.

A taxi driver with many years of experience was stopped by the taxi regulator.
Asked for his destination he was told that he was "driving  them the long way"
They gave him a summons and then he delivered his charges to their hotel.
They signed the back of his receipt and he took their details.
He went back to the airport and took the shorter route, this took longer in time which put up the fare higher than the long way. So he employed a barrister, went to court and won his case !
Now he claims that the inspector was wrong.
But by treating him as a cheat in front of his clients he has maligned his good name.

Let us see what happens !!

I have to put my head down and write this fecking book!
It won't write itself.
But its hard to think when your partner recites shopping lists to you while you are writing.
Then she tells you about hedges needing trimming and lawns that need cutting.
So less time driving and more time writing should be my motto.

Perhaps I will move to Old Havana in Cuba and drink in the Floradita bar with the statue of Hemingway to my left hand side.
Now there is a plan.

For the guy who says
"I have to be at the airport in 10 minutes"
I would would love to do this.

Just as an afterthought I will give you this.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Aprail showers


James Bond 7 Number of a passing Rolls Royce

So the Luas goes through a red light then it blocks the traffic on the quays

I picked up a nail and spent an hour getting it fixedThis wheel would be great

Cherry blossom time again.
I hope you had a great Easter.
A Muslim group here have suggested that we remove the Celtic cress at Harrolds cross road.
They find it offensive to their faith.
Well I suppose they must learn to tolerate other faiths and religions.
We would never go to their country and object to the noise when people are being called to prayer.
Or complain about them praying 20 times a day.
But on the other hand they have become persecuted in their own lands and came here for refuge.
If we tolerated total lack of empathy for others we would be sending them all back again.

How we treat others is a point to ponder.

She was from Sardinia and it was her birthday, a bright friendly girl.
Her boss kept her late and she hoped to make it to a cake shop in time to pick up her birthday cake.
The very next day she was off to Sardinia to visit Mama and Papa.
But her boss had told her to bring her laptop with her as he expected her to work while on holiday.
A lot of these teckie jobs pay less than they should and they have their workers on strange contracts.
Some companies in Eastpoint were shown up in the media as paying less than the minimum wage.

So I told her about a Canadian guy called Robin Sharma who gives talks on YouTube.
There has to be a way to talk to bad bosses?
Perhaps they only bully people because they can, but if they were challenged it would be interesting to see the reaction.

One young guy was working for a large building supply company years ago where his boss was aggressive and rude. Through family contacts he got a job in a smaller building supply company where his cousin was in charge.
2 years later the big building supply company went bust and the young lad was called into his cousins office. "Your old foreman is looking for a job, how would you feel about him coming to work here?"
"If he comes I go"
So he didn't take on his old enemy.
Anyhow the young guy would have been his old bosses foreman, which would have been interesting.
The clock ticks and the hour hand comes back to the same place again.
So behave yourself, or it will come back to bite you.

So going forward I give you the master,