Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Money worries

 London taxi drivers shelter, just a few left.
 H&M on Dame st. Take a look at the lighting... All L.E.D The red brick building is the Bank pub.
             3 pressure gauges, all gone mad. New batteries sorted it.Front 35psi back 33psi
 A flower display from the Westbury hotel

On my return to Dublin I opened my post to find a letter from the Revenue commissioners.
Not nice at all !
Pay within 7 days or we will call in the Sheriff,take you to court etc.etc.
The money is not due until Nov.10.
I don't mind paying tax as I know that not one red cent will ever be wasted, every cent will be used well and accounted for.

Once I had a man from Persia  (Iran) in the taxi. We were going to pay various suppliers for plumbing and building.
A very very interesting man.
He held a good position under the Sha of Iran and he had to liquidize all his possessions and flee for his life. Gold paintings,artwork and cash were carried 1/2 way around the world and he came here to Ireland. Property was what he knew best, so he bought houses and offices and hotels.
He built up a good team of tradesmen and the work went on.
Then he was accessed for tax.
"You owe us One million and 28 thousand pounds !"
He spoke of how not only was this figure wrong, but that he had invested millions in the country, providing work well into the future.
"But I must pay or there will be trouble"
He said that they had now appointed an accountancy company, something he should have done at the beginning.
He paid the Million and said that he would give them the 28 grand next month. They flipped and told me that the sheriff would come etc. When I borrowed the balance from a friend then they were asking me where he got the money from? 

My friend next year no tax!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Taxes are for little people"
    Leona Helmsley  Its a link
But Donald Trump and the wealthy evade and avoid tax all the time.
Philip Green of Topshop and,Topman. famously pays no tax. His money is payed to his wife as share bonus, she in a resident of Monaco and the money comes back to him tax free.

Now there are many videos about "New World order""
Just in case you don't know

The moral is stay out of debt.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A premature return

Kreativ dental clinic in Budapest
Look at this unfinished apartment block It has been left idle for 10 years.
         A chandelier sits at the front door.
                          Look closely the keys are in the front door.

I am back again!
Not their fault but mine.
I was at the Kreativ (link)dental clinic in Budapest you see.
It is really good.
But I didn't want to say too much about it until my treatment was finished.
The last time I was there they did the groundwork for what was supposed to happen over the next 21 days.
They gave me a letter and I didn't read it.
I was supposed to have 2 extractions in Dublin at least 3 weeks before I went back.

I didn't do it and so they took the teeth out and sent me back home.
Its my own fault.
We all make mistakes.

Thats why God puts a rubber on the end of a pencil, to correct mistakes.

So I was making an unplanned return and needed to get home.
I tried Bus, Train and almost hitching.
But I got a seat from Ryainair for the price of a kings ransom..
Still its 48 hours + any other way.

I am sitting here not sure what day it is.

But tomorrow is another day.

look at this, these are brand new cars and they don't even take out the leather seats.

Monday, October 10, 2016


 This is new filter and old cabin filter from my car (also called a pollen filter)

Keep up the good fight I am gone "Walkabout" as they say in Australia and I won't be back till the end of the month.
So drive safely and remember there is another job or taxi around the next corner.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

I am a Millionare at last

Wow I am  Millionaire again !

Yippee But it is only in Florint  the currency of Hungary.

Still if the pound Sterling keeps falling this is what €300  might look like.

I am going away and I had a camera system fitted to my castle.
It records 24/7 and alerts me on my mobile in case of action.
The dog and my son will be here so I really have no worry's.

Cameras are everywhere, in the bank, in the supermarket and on the street.
From last month I have gone back to video recording in the taxi.
When I get around to edit some clips I will show you the action.
A guy from Oman told me that his sister is living with her boyfriend close to the Google complex.
They bought a portable camera system called "Little Bird"
(Remember your mother used to say
"I know what you did  a little bird told me "

The landlord rang them to say that a plumber was coming tomorrow at 11. am and would they be there?
No was the reply but they said it would be OK foe him to let himself in.
The landlord assured the guy that he was dead sound as he had used him for years.

At 11.10 his hidden camera alerted him to a visitor to the apartment. 3/4 hour later he looked through his camera via his mobile fone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck me the assole was dancing around the apartment in the NUDE he was going through the bedroom drawers and acting like a nutcase.

He rang the police and they were very keen to see how this would pan out.
His landlord was also summoned and asked not to ring the plumber on any account.
They entered the apartment  and caught him..

His apartment had been defiled and he is furious.`
There is no logic in this.. You are on camera all the time.

Years ago I picked up a merry girl in Clontarf going to DCU in the early morning, 
I was instructed to bring her via the Ballymun Rd. 
I talked to her and she seemed normal enough until I pulled up at the Collins Ave entrance of the university.
She flipped suddenly and called me a scumbag and how I had driven her around the long route while pretending to be nice to her.
I asked her to sit back down and drove her to the Ballymun Ave entrance to show her that it is entirely sealed off for building work.
Get back in and I will bring you around again. 
She threw a £10 note into the car.
I said here is your change.

Stick your fucking change she said.

I threw the £1 coin back at her and told her that she had more places to stick it than I had.

Then I drove away..

Around 10 am a Garda from the carriage office rang.

Very aggressive he was 
"Get in here you you, abused a lady last night and you are in trouble".

I told him that everything that was said in the taxi was on tape and that I wanted her done for deformation of character. 
So a superintendent came on later. 

We went through it again.

I will ring you back on this.

Its all right she has withdrawn the allegation he said.

Well no its not all right I said.

She took away my good name and without this video you would deprive me of my livelihood.

So after a bit of toing and frowong a compromise was reached, 
She wrote a letter of apology and gave a check for £50 to the woman's rape crisis center.

She was on something and looking at the footage you could srr her eyes rolling back in her head at one point. Something like that movie "The Exercist

The Garda show that footage to trainee Garda . 

The new dash cams are great high definition and infra red as well. 

This is a good US show about how video helps..

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Things going worse

 Movie time on Sheriff St
   Sad to see 2 more restaurants closed up
  Cultural institute of Saudi Arabia now in Sheriff St

High rents are closing down places and also "lease expired".
So it was that my coffee shop closed down.
On Sunday the guys working there knew nothing about its closure.
The suppliers will be left hanging with overdue bills.
It is a sad situation.
A few months ago the Loft shop with restaurant overhead closed down on Grafton St. and the staff were not well looked after.
Life can be very hard for a lot of people.

Two mute brothers lived in Bluebell out on the Naas Rd. One was totally dependent  on the other for everything. The provider died and the other brother died weeks later.
No one had been in contact, no checks made by anyone.
It is sad that their next door neighbor didn't even know their names.
Seems like they were having trouble with vandals as well.
A lot of people need to hang their heads in shame.
Garda are investigating why social services were not more involved.
A very sad situation indeed.

I was down around the back of the four courts and at the back of the Capricuan friary where they have soup kitchens there was a group of Romanian gypsies packing food parcels into buggies.
I don't mind destitute people being fed, but this lot were really taking the piss.

Good news in the UK press a solicitor and his wife have been jailed for befriending elderly clients, looking after their affairs and stealing their money..
In Ireland they would have been told to "Say 3 hail Marys and sin no more "
The Beak got most of the money back and sent them both to jail.

Bloody awful how the vulnerable people get caught.

While I am on the subject a customer told me how her mother had dementia.
Three men came to the door and told her that they had done building work for her and she hadn't payed them.
They brought her to the bank where they demanded that she withdraw her life's savings and hand it over.
They were never caught.

But if they were caught is there a prison that would punish them enough?

Take a look at the Russian prisons

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Sam for Dublin

Here is the Sam as it visited the taxi drivers special day out.

Dublin has won the all Ireland GAA football championships holding on to the Sam Maguire cup for the second year in succession.

Click here to get more information on the road to Sam

Big celebrations tomorrow.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Its a hard job and you need to be lucky

 A taxi lies on its side at T1 at the airport.
It will take the driver many months to pay for this.
I hope no one was injured
 The building which stood idle for years rises up to become the new central bank
  A line of cement mixers wait to unload
 Dublin's first big skyscraper rises up from the ground.
Its not even Halloween and they have arrived.
I may be wrong but the shelf space that they occupy could be selling other goods.

As I sit here the negotiations proceed between the bus drivers and CIE whether to go on strike on Saturday or not.
Whether they work or not I see a big solution on the horizon.

Guess what? Privatize the service!
The strike action has been suspended for now.

A very interesting lady in the car who works with film companys she tries to get them to make movies in Ireland and she swung it for Star Wars to be made here.
She knew her stuff all right.
"The problem we have is with electricians and tradesmen going on breaks instead of working to deadlines in cooperation with the movie".
I can help her there as I know a few well qualified lads who lost their shirts in the crash.
She had done the tour of Glassneven cemetery and had a few interesting things to say.
Do you know where the expression "dead lucky" comes from?
A lady in Skibbereen was buried with her jewels and robbers dug her up and when they tried to cut off her finger she woke up!!!!!!!!!!!!11 She was really dead lucky.
Her tombstone says "buried twice died once".

Then "Dead ringer"
People who were afraid of being buried alive would have a bell put into their coffin.
If they woke up the could ring the bell.
Dead ringer.

I wouldn't have minded driving her a bit further.

Here is a video of a guy with mental problems 
John Healey he wrote about his life. He was never paid for the book and threatened to kill the publisher. 
Beatrice Coogan wrote the big wind. She had to take the publisher to court before being paid..Tim Pat Coogan her son told me that the pity was that she never wrote another book, but they were in her.
and here is the film about John Heeley.
Put on the kettle..its good

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ready to rock and roll for another year

Your taxi license has to be renewed every year, to do this you have to get a tax clearance cert,Then the car has to do its NCT test then you get it passed out if everything comes up to the mark.
It all adds up and in the middle of it all the bank stopped my credit card. "Unusual activity" .
I had to go over all transactions over the last 6 weeks.
By the way if you are going abroad tell them, I had my card stopped in New York and its all cards there.

But I know that there are fake taxis around, we have an app here in Dublin called "Driver check"
You put in the reg or the roof sign number and you get the driver details. Often it comes back blank, or a completely different driver.
In the good old days one enterprising person cloned his car 30 or more times, they were rented out.
They were all lifted and brought in to Dublin castle yard.
The brains behind the operation fled off to Spain as far as I can remember.

As far as I am concerned anyone driving a taxi
For everyone's safety.
In Spain you have to have lived there for 6 or so years. Have a crime free background. Be fluent in Spanish and have a full Spanish driving license, then you do the taxi test and off you go.

If someone is driving a taxi and he is not the named driver or is not qualified to drive a taxi he should be taken off the road and arrested. Then the car should be crushed because it was not being driven by a qualified driver therefore it is not insured for purpose.
In England they are still in shock about a taxi driver who may have murdered 8 women.
I don't want things to get any worse than it is already.

I had a customer whose sister was put into hospital and her partner finished up in a coma for 6 weeks,the car crashed between Sutton and the Airport at Christmas time , the driver was foreign and knew nothing about driving on ice.
The girl told me that they never got a penny as the driver was driving his brothers taxi.
But I know you can claim from the insurance beuro.

Here is a video, get a mug of tea and watch it all.
Its really good